Helicopter from Rio to Ilha Grande

            Ilha Grande is an island in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro surrounded by beaches, covered by the Atlantic Forest and crossed by winding trails. On the southeastern bank, the extensive Lopes Mendes Beach, lined with palm trees, is known for its waves that are conducive to surfing.

            Lagoa Azul, in the north of the island, has protected waters and is full of fish. On the northeast coast, Vila do Abraão has the Church of São Sebastião, from the 19th century.

Helicopters and Values


Robinson R44 Haven II - 3 seats   >  7.930,00 reais landing at Coqueiro Verde Restaurant

Airbus EC120 Colibri - 4 seats   >  8.800,00 reais landing at Coqueiro Verde Restaurant

Airbus AS350 Squirrel - 5 seats   >  9,450.00 reais landing at Coqueiro Verde Restaurant

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