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Helicopter from Rio to Angra

Angra dos Reis


            Angra dos Reis has an area of  816.3 km². The neighboring municipalities are Paraty, Rio Claro and Mangaratiba in Rio de Janeiro state, and Bananal and São José do Barreiro, which are adjacent in São Paulo state.

            Tourism is highly developed with countless beaches, islands and pristine waters perfect for swimming or scuba diving.

            Trips whose take-offs will be made from our heliport can be paid by credit card. For departures from other locations, payment must be made by PayPal.

For budgets we need the following information:
- Date

- Departure in Rio or arrival:  GIG - SDU - Ipanema - Barra da Tijuca

- Landing location
- Number of passengers
- Passenger weights
- Type of luggage (hard or hand luggage)

Contact and Booking

Rio Helicopter Tour - WhatsApp
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