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Rio Helicopter Tour

30 Minutes

Our flights are always exclusive/private so that the two or three of you are each seated in one door of the helicopter.

Doors-Off Itinerary

            Barra da Tijuca Lagoons, Barra da Tijuca Beach, Joá Beach with views of Pedra da Gávea, Sao Conrado Beach, Niemeyer Avenue with Rocinha views, Vidigal Beach with views of Dois Irmãos, Leblon Beach, Ipanema, Jardim de Alah, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Jockey Club, CHRIST THE REDEEMER (complete round), Arpoador Beach, Arpoador Rock, Devil's Beach, return to heliport flying over Tijuca National Park.


Exclusive for 2 people
Total 3,600 reais
1,800 reais per person

Value for 3 people
Total 3,600 reais
1,200 reais per person


ATTENTION - Don't worry about the weather, in case of bad weather on the day, we'll cancel before you leave the hotel for the heliport. For this reason we do not receive advance payments. Payments are made at the heliport reception on day's flight.


- Prices offered are for cash payment. 

- For credit-card payment, there is an additional 10% sales tax fee.

- Prices are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed upon scheduling.

- The payment will be at our heliport front-desk

- If fewer people attend the heliport reception, the total amount will be divided between the people present.


The total weight of passengers cannot exceed these limits:

Total weight limit for two persons: 220Kg

Total weight limit for three persons: 240Kg

Prohibited on the flight:

- Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs

- Dresses

- Ballet shoes

- Slippers

- Bracelets too loose

- Caps and Hats in general

- It is necessary to arrive at the heliport one hour in advance for check-in and briefing.

Contact and Booking

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