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Helicopter from Rio to Mangaratiba

            Mangaratiba has several historical assets: in the Historic Center there are preserved buildings, such as the Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Guia, the Solar Barão do Saí (which houses the Municipal Museum of Mangaratiba, Museu das Conchas and the José Pancetti Exhibition Hall), the Centro Cultural Cary Cavalcanti, the Imperial Fountain and several residences that maintain their original façade.
            Mário Peixoto Room of the Municipal Museum of Mangaratiba. Still close to the Historic Center, in the region known as Praia do Saco, there are the Ruins of the Povoado do Saco de Mangaratiba, site of the old urban settlement and port for the outflow of coffee from São João Marcos and Baixo Paraíba. The ruins of the old settlement are the gateway to the Imperial Road, which was the first road in the country. There you will find the Imperial Viewpoint, the Barreira water fountain and the Escravos Waterfall, the first two built at the time of the empire at the behest of Emperor Dom Pedro II and preserved in their magnitude. Following the mountain above, it is possible to access the ruins of the old city of São João Marcos, today Rio Claro district, where the São João Marcos Archaeological and Environmental Park is located, opened in 2011.

            Mangaratiba also has, in the region of Vale do Saí (Sahy), the Ruins of Saí, where it is believed that one of the ports of arrival of slaves that supplied the entire captaincy of Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings was located.

            Trips whose take-offs will be made from our heliport can be paid by credit card. For departures from other locations, payment must be made by PayPal..

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