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F.A.Q. Rio Helicopter Tour



All references to flight prices on our site are individual and only consider a seat occupied by helicopter. We operate different helicopter models that can carry up to 3 (Robinson R44 Haven II, 4 (Bell 206 Jet Ranger) or 5 ( Airbus AS350 Squirel) passengers per flight, with a minimum capacity of 3, 4 or 5 seats per helicopter respectively). Private flights can be booked but will only be possible upon payment of all helicopter seats in operation. 


Children Boarding:


Children should always be accompanied by adults who will be responsible for them on the flight and throughout their stay on our helipads. Unaccompanied children are not allowed.
On any type of flight, children over the age of two pay the normal price and occupy a seat on the helicopter. Children under the age of two must be accommodated in the lap of the adult accompanying them in flight. No more than one child per helicopter will be allowed. We do not recommend boarding children under one year of age due to the noise level they will be exposed to during the flight.

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